Cancer Statistics Animator

The CanStat Animator is a tool that allows users to animate cancer trends over time by cancer site and cause of death, race and sex.

In the CanStat Animator, you can:

  • Select the type of statistic and the variables to be shown in the graph;
  • Select the format of the graph by choosing from various graph options; and
  • Extract the statistics in a delimited format for further analyses using other software.

The CanStat Animator provides access to the following statistics:

  • SEER Incidence for 1975-2011 for the SEER 9 registries
  • US Mortality for 1975-2011 for the entire United States
  • Relative Survival for 1975-2010 for the SEER 9 registries

If the statistics that you are interested in are not available in this tool, SEER provides cancer statistics in a variety of formats. See the Statistical Summaries, Interactive Tools and Publications for more options.

Revision Note:

There was an error in the incidence and survival data. The data labeled "Esophagus (Adenocarcinoma only)" and "Esophagus (Squamous cell carcinoma only)" was actually data for "All Cancer Sites (Adenocarcinoma only)" and "All Cancer Sites (Squamous cell carcinoma only)" respectively. These data were incorrect on the web site from October 23, 2013 until January 8th, 2014.