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A note about default values from the Commision on Cancer

The Commission on Cancer does not endorse the use of automated default coding for analytic cases (Class of Case 00-22) by CoC accredited programs with these exceptions:

  • If CoC coding rules define a fixed value under identifiable circumstances, and the record shows those circumstances apply, the software may assign that value.
  • If a value is entered by the software, the field must be re-opened if any changes are made to the fields that defined those circumstances.
  • Examples:
    • Fixed codes required by CoC coding rules based on the type of cancer such as 88s for TNM fields when no AJCC coding applies. Reopen the TNM fields if the site, histology, or SSF25 is changed to a combination with defined AJCC coding.
    • Fixed codes required by CoC coding rules when a particular modality of treatment is not given such as use of code 8 for Surgical Margins of the Primary Site when Surgical Procedure of the Primary Site is coded 00 or 98. Reopen the field if, in this instance, the primary site surgery field is changed.
    • Note that CoC requires the data item LVI to be coded with a value other than 8 for all solid tumors. The software may enter 8 for the histologies specified in the coding rules.

Please do not assign "unknown" values for fields the registrar failed to code. That value may not correctly represent the patient's situation as reflected in the patient record.

For non-analytic cases collected in CoC accredited programs (for example, for autopsy-only cases), the default values defined by the respective standard setter that requires the case to be abstracted (SEER or NPCR) may be applied. By definition, non-analytic cases are not required to be abstracted by CoC.

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