ICD-O-3 Coding Materials

ICD-O-3 SEER Site/Histology Validation List

Released 09/18/2015 - updated from 2/9/2001

This site/type list is provided in both PDF and Excel formats:

The PDF file is intended as a reference file for ICD-O-3 only. Although based on the 2/9/2001 Validation List, it has been stripped of redlining and strikeouts.

Note: The Site/Histology List is not intended to be used for case finding or to determine reportability.

ICD-O-3 Errata and Clarifications

Corrections for both the soft cover and hard cover versions of ICD-O-3 and further discussion of issues that were not well described in the printed editions of ICD-O-3:

Refer to the ICD-O-3 Archive Icon indicating linked file is archived content. for older reference documents.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARCExternal Web Site Policy) provides an electronic version of ICD-O-3 on their website. However, the IARC versions are not identical to the versions used in the U.S. See the ICD-O-3 errata on this website and the NAACCR ICD-O-3 implementation guidelinesExternal Web Site Policy for U.S. instructions.