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Source 1:   2007 MP/H Rules
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MP/H Rules/Multiple Primaries--Ovary: How many primaries are accessioned and which multiple primary rule applies for a patient diagnosed with a carcinosarcoma of the left ovary and a serous carcinoma of the right ovary? See Discussion.

The patient underwent a debulking surgery showing a 20.5 cm carcinosarcoma with focal areas of high grade serous carcinoma and extensive high grade stromal sarcoma in the left ovary. The right ovary showed only a high grade serous carcinoma with extensive involvement of the ovarian parenchyma but no sarcomatous elements. While carcinosarcoma is composed of both epithelial and non-epithelial elements, does the presence of a purely epithelial tumor in the contralateral ovary indicate these are separate primaries per rule M8?

For cases diagnosed 2007 or later, accession two primaries, carcinosarcoma [8980/3] of the left ovary and serous carcinoma [8441/3] of the right ovary.

The steps used to arrive at this decision are:

Step 1: Open the Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules Manual. Choose one of the three formats (i.e., flowchart, matrix or text). After determining the histology of each tumor (8980/3 and 8441/3), go to the Other Sites MP rules because ovary does not have site specific rules developed

Step 2: Start at the MULTIPLE TUMORS module, Rule M3. The rules are intended to be reviewed in consecutive order within a module. Stop at the first rule that applies to the case you are processing. Stop at Rule M8.

Step 3: Review Table 1 (Paired Organs and Sites with Laterality) to determine whether the ovary is considered a paired site. To locate Table 1, go to Other Site under the Terms & Definitions section of the manual. Ovary is listed as a paired site. Accession multiple primaries when there are tumors on both sides (right and left) of a site listed in Table 1 (Paired Organs and Sites with Laterality).

NOTE: Carcinosarcoma [8980/3] is not an epithelial tumor of the ovary within the range of 8000-8799 and, therefore, Rule M7 does not apply.


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