Add All Groupings to a Merged Variable

You may want to define a merged variable which has grouping for all the possible combinations of values for one or more base variables. SEER*Stat provides a shortcut for this function in the Edit Merged Variable dialog.

  1. Click Add All. The Add All Merged Groupings dialog will be opened.

  2. Select a variable from the Available Variables box and use the single right arrow button to move it into the Selected Variables box.

  3. Arrange the variables in the Selected Variables as desired by highlighting one or more variables and clicking Up or Dn (down) to move them. Moving the variables in this box does not affect the definitions of the groupings, but it will affect the order of their labels. You can also change this order later on the Edit Merged Variable dialog.

  4. Click OK to return to the Edit Merged Variable dialog.

  5. All the possible groupings that can be created by combining the chosen variables will be displayed. They will be assigned default names to indicate their values. Highlight a grouping and click Rename to assign your own label to it.

Suppose you wanted a merged variable based on all the combinations of the Sex and the Race recode A variables. If you follow the steps above, adding Sex and then Race recode A, you will create a merged variable with the following groupings:

Male and female/All races
Male and female/White
Male and female/Black
Male and female/Other
Male and female/Unknown
Male/All races
Female/All races