Create a New Session

To begin working with a new SEER*Stat session, on SEER*Stat's File menu, choose New, then choose the desired session type. Alternatively, simply click one of the session icons on the toolbar.

When you start a new session, a progress bar may be displayed while SEER*Stat checks the integrity of the databases in your active data locations.

Consult Statistics Calculated by SEER*Stat if you are not sure of which session type meets your needs.

The variables available in a session include the standard variables and the variables in the current user variables location for the database and session type.

To help distinguish different windows, the title bar of a newly created session window will contain the type of the session followed by a temporary identification number that increases with each additional instance of a given session type, e.g. "Frequency Session-3" for the third Frequency session created. After the session has been saved, its title bar will change to reflect its filename.