Create a Variable

Variables provide SEER*Stat with formatting information for the fields in the database. When you create a user-defined variable, you are actually defining new format information for an existing variable, and are not changing the underlying data in the database. For convenience, the dictionary distributed with a database contains one variable for each field. For example, the Year of diagnosis variable includes one grouping for all years combined (e.g.,1973-2000) and separate groupings for each individual year. When showing statistics by year of diagnosis, if years are excluded from the analysis, then you need to create a new variable based on year of diagnosis. Otherwise, the value for all years combined will be mislabeled.

In general, you need to create a variable when:

Follow the steps listed below to create a variable in SEER*Stat. The controls for creating a new user-defined variable are the same as those used to edit an existing user-defined variable.

  1. Open the dictionary.

  2. Determine whether you need to create a user-defined variable (formatting using values of just one variable) or a merged variable (formatting based on values of two or more variables).

  3. Follow the instructions in Edit Variable Dialog or Edit Merged Variable Dialog.