Left-Truncated Life Table Output Tab

Every session has an Output tab, on which you can customize miscellaneous settings that affect the appearance of the results matrix. In a Left-Truncated Life Tables session, you can use the Output tab to edit the following settings.

Standard Life

Mark the Display Standard Life (Monthly Intervals) checkbox to include the Standard Life Tables in your matrix. The Standard Life Tables record the basic survival statistics. For a list of the statistics available for display on the Standard Life Table, see Standard Life Pages.

Cumulative Summary

The Cumulative Summary section of the Left-Truncated Life Table tab is enabled when you mark the checkbox for Display Cumulative Summary (Annual Intervals) box in the Display section.

When you choose to display the Cumulative Summary on the Left-Truncated Life Tables tab, tables will be included in your results matrix that display the statistics you select at annual intervals. The variables chosen on the Table tab define the page, row, and column headings. When selected for display, the Cumulative Summary tables are always at the beginning of the results matrix.

Set Statistic Type and Number of Decimal Places for Survival

These options let you specify whether survival in the results matrix will be displayed as percents or proportions, and to how many decimal places they will be rounded. Select the statistic type from the Display Statistics As drop-down list, and the precision from the Number of Decimal Places drop-down list. For example, if you select "Proportions" and "0.0001", the number 0.55555 will be displayed as 0.5556 in the results matrix. If you select "Percents" and "0.01%", it will be displayed as "55.56%".

Once you have set the statistic type and precision, you may click the Set Defaults button if you want to use these settings automatically each time you create a new Survival Session.

Suppress Pages with Fewer than n Cases Alive

This option allows you to suppress the display of statistics on survival life pages that are based on fewer than a specified minimum number of cases entering the first interval. The affected survival life pages will appear in the survival matrix but will be empty. The empty pages are left in the final matrix in order to properly document which pages were suppressed.