Logging In and Your User Information

If you run SEER*Stat in client-server mode, you must supply your user name and password when you connect to the server. You cannot use SEER*Stat in client-server mode without these. If you do not have a user name  and password already, you must obtain them from the Limited-Use Data section of the SEER Web site at:


Communications between your PC and the SEER*Stat server may include your user name, password, and, in specific situations, certain data files (see Using Your Own Data). These communications are encrypted to protect against interception by a third party.

Remember that the SEER Limited-Use data contain sensitive information and that a signed Data Use Agreement is required to access them. Please do not give your password out to anyone, nor mark the Remember my password for the future box if other people have access to the computer you are using.

If you have forgotten your user name  or password, or are unable to log in with them, contact SEER*Stat Technical Support.

Logging In

You connect to the server whenever you start a new session. You can also choose to connect or reconnect to the server at any time by opening the Profile menu and selecting Client-Server Login. In either case, the Client-Server Login dialog will prompt you for your user name  and password.

Type your user name  and password in the appropriate fields. If desired, mark the Remember my password check box. Marking this box will cause SEER*Stat to store a copy of your user name  and password on your hard drive, and to use them to log in without prompting you whenever you start a new session in the future. (See below for instructions on changing this setting.) Press Return or click OK to log in.

If you forget either your password or your user name you can click on the links in the Login dialog to get help. If you click on User Name, a dialog will ask you to enter your e-mail address and your user name will be sent automatically. Note: you must use the same e-mail address that is in your SEER*Stat profile or the program will not recognize you.  If you click on Password, you will get a dialog box telling you that an access code will be sent to the e-mail address for your user name. If you click on Yes, an e-mail will be sent with your access code and the Client-Server Password Reset dialog box will open. Copy the access code from the e-mail and paste it into the text field for the access code in the dialog box.  Note: if you close the dialog box without changing your password you will have to request another access code to change your password.

Once you have logged in to the server, a brief message from the SEER*Stat administrators may be displayed. This message may be used to communicate important or time-sensitive information about the SEER*Stat systems, and may contain a link that you can follow to learn more. Once you have read this message, you can prevent it from being displayed the next time you log in by marking the Do not show this message in future box and clicking OK. You will see the server login message again if its contents change, or if you click the Turn on Warning Messages button on the Preferences dialog.

After you log in, a progress bar may be displayed while SEER*Stat checks the integrity of the databases in your server data locations.

Editing Your User Information

To change your password or e-mail address, first log in to the server as described above. While you are logged in to the server, open the Profile menu and select Client-Server User Information to access the Edit User dialog.

The Address field indicates the server where the account you are editing is stored; if there is more than one, you can click the down arrow at the right to choose which account to edit.

On this dialog, you can change the following information:

Click OK to accept the changes you have made on the Edit User dialog, or Cancel to exit the dialog without saving any changes.