MP-SIR Selection Tab

The Selection tab in an MP-SIR session is used to define the cohort to be analyzed by specifying criteria for an index record.

The Selection tab and Table tab are often confused; please read Selection Tab vs. Table Tab to avoid common mistakes.

The Selection tab in an MP-SIR session consists of one standard selection statement box, and shortcuts for some common selections.

Standard Index Record Selections

The Standard Index Record Selections section of the Selection tab provides shortcuts for common index record selections. It is possible, but not necessary, to build a selection statement in the Additional Index Record Selections box that is equivalent to any of the options in this section.

Select Only Malignant Behavior

Select this option to include only cases with a malignant behavior. The Behavior variable is part of the morphology of cancer. The SEER program only collects information on in situ and malignant cancers. If the behavior code is malignant, the case will be included in the analysis.

Select Only Male or Female Sex

Select this option to include only cases where sex is either Male of Female (for example no cases of unknown or transgender patients).

Select Only Known Age

Select this option to include only cases of a known age.

Select Only Cases in Research Database

Select this option to include only cases in the selected Research Database.

Exclude Death Certificate Only and Autopsy Only Cases

Select this option to exclude all cases where cancer was reported through only a death certificate or autopsy. If the Type Of Reporting Source variable indicates that a death certificate or autopsy was the only source of information for the case, the case will be excluded from the analysis.

Additional Index Record Selections

The index record in an MP-SIR session defines cohort members and is the first record that matches the selection criteria.

Create a selection statement in this box to limit the records included in your analysis based on variables not covered by the standard index record selections.

To begin building a selection statement, click the Edit button at the right. If there is no selection statement, all cases in the database which match the standard selections you made above will be included in your analysis. Therefore, you should only make a selection statement for variables used to exclude cases. To clear the entire statement from the selection box, click Clear.

Multiple Primary Selection

Use the drop-down list to choose what should be considered a "first record" for the purposes of this analysis.