Matrix Properties

The Matrix Properties dialog provides details about the results matrix. To view it, open the Matrix menu and select Properties.


This lists the database used to create the matrix. This is the same database that was selected on the session's Data tab.


This provides a general description of the results displayed in the matrix. The specific statistics and variables included in the matrix are described in the Information section shown at the bottom of the dialog.

Cell, Row, or Page Count

The number of cells, rows, or pages in the matrix.

Creation Time

The amount of time used to execute the SEER*Stat session and create the matrix.


The date and time that the session was executed. This is noted in local time.

File Name

Once the matrix has been saved, its filename appears here.


Once the matrix has been saved, the full directory path for the matrix file appears here.

File Size

Once the matrix has been saved, the size of the matrix file in bytes appears here.


This indicates the date and time at which the matrix was last saved.


This box shows general information about the matrix, including the variables displayed and exclusion counts for some matrix types.