Percentages for Frequency Sessions

When calculating frequencies, you may choose to calculate row or column percentages. When either is requested, cumulative percentages are automatically included. The percentages and row or column totals are displayed in the output matrix.

It can be difficult to remember if you want to use column percentages or row percentages. Selecting Column Percentages will generate percentages of the row variables. As a rule of thumb, put your percentages in one dimension of the table and the variable in the other.

When table variables have overlapping groupings, an error message will notify you that the percentages cannot be calculated. Note that some variables provided with the software contain overlapping groupings.

For example, if you selected Sex as a column variable and chose to display row percentages, you would receive an error message because the group "Male and female” and the group "Male” both include the value "Male”. To correct this, create a user-defined variable that does not include the "Male and female” grouping.

SEER*Stat cannot determine whether there are overlapping groupings in a merged variable; a warning message will remind you to check this yourself.