Printing Help

Topics in the version of this help system that accompanies SEER*Stat can be printed using the Print button near the top of the window. However, some users may encounter a problem with the printed pages. Words that should be at the end of lines of text may be missing. The absence of these words can change the meaning of the text. This problem may be accompanied by the presence of a black line along one or more edges of the printed page.

If you print out SEER*Stat help topics, we recommend that you check the printed pages for the above mentioned black line, and double-check the printed pages against the online documentation if you encounter any text that seems strange or incorrect.

If you encounter this problem, you can still print SEER*Stat help topics from the web-based version of this help system which is available on the SEER*Stat Web site.

The cause of this problem lies with the software that is used to view the help system. As soon as a solution to this problem is found, it will be posted on the SEER*Stat Web site.