The Profile menu allows the user to manage, create and use profiles. A profile is a set of preferences and defaults. It allows a user to organize work/projects that use different data and possibly different settings. A user is allowed to have several profiles, and can switch between them. Profiles can only be edited when there are no open sessions.


You can select an existing profile either by opening the Profile menu and selecting Select or by clicking the arrow next to the Profile field on the toolbar and selecting a profile name. If you select Select, you will be taken to the Select User Profile dialog.

Editing and Adding

The Edit User Profile screen is used both for editing and adding user profiles. You can access the screen by selecting Edit or Add New from the Profile menu or by clicking New or Edit on the Select User Profile dialog.


Profiles can be imported by selecting Import from the Profile menu, browsing to the location where the profile .txt file is located and clicking on the file name.


Profiles can be exported as .txt files. To export a profile select Export from the Profile menu, browse to the location where you would like to save the profile, give the profile a name and click Save.

Delete Current Profile

You can delete the profile you are currently using by selecting the profile name in the Profile field and then selecting Delete Current Profile from the Profile menu. If you only have one profile, you will get a message that says you must keep at least one profile and the profile will not be deleted.