SEER*Stat sessions allow you to set the parameters for your analysis. In a session, you choose the data to be analyzed, the statistics to be calculated, and options that affect the format of the output.

Begin your SEER*Stat analysis by creating a new session. If you need to postpone work on your session, you can save it, and open it later.

Each session uses a tab dialog. The Data, Selection, Table, and Output tabs are common to all sessions. The Selection Tab and Table Tab are often confused; please read Selection Tab vs. Table Tab to avoid common mistakes. In addition, there are some tabs which are specific to certain session types.

Always select the database first.  The correct database must be selected in order to see the correct list of variables in selection statements, on the Table tab, and in the dictionary. After selecting a database, you may find it helpful to work through the remaining tabs in order from left to right, and to work from top to bottom on each tab. This will help to ensure that you make all necessary selections.

Because SEER*Stat is an MDI application, it is possible to work on multiple sessions simultaneously.

For detailed instructions on working through sessions for each type of statistic, see the appropriate section of the help system:


Once the session is set up, you are ready to execute it. When execution is complete, the results of your analysis will be displayed in a SEER*Stat results matrix.