Table Tab

Every session has a Table tab, on which you select the variables to be displayed in the results matrix.

Click the '+' next to the categories of variables in the box at the bottom of any Table tab to expand the lists of variables those categories. The buttons on the tab can be used to add these variables to the matrix. For more detailed, session-specific instructions, see:


The Selection tab and Table tab are often confused; please read Selection Tab vs. Table Tab to avoid common mistakes.

Limits in the Number of Table Variables

Case Listing tables are limited to 50 sort variables.  There is no limit on the number of column variables in a Case Listing session.

For all other session types, there are limits on both the number of variables and the amount of data that can be presented in the output tables. You can specify up to eight page variables, five row variables, and five column variables. The amount of data that can be presented in a table is limited as follows: