Toolbar Icons

The icons located on the SEER*Stat toolbar are shortcuts for commonly-used menu commands. Click them once to perform their functions. The set of available icons changes as you move from stage to stage in your analysis.

The "active" session or matrix is the one whose window you are working with. You can tell which window is active because the color of its title bar matches that of the main SEER*Stat title bar.

Always available

Frequency Session - Start a new Frequency session

Rate Session - Start a new Rate session

Survival Session - Start a new Survival session

Limited-Duration Prevalence Session - Start a new Limited-Duration Prevalence session

MP-SIR Session - Start a new MP-SIR session

left-truncated.gif - Start a new Left-Truncated Survival session

Case Listing Session - Start a new Case Listing session

Any SEER*Stat File - Open a saved SEER*Stat file

Context-sensitive Help - Get context-sensitive help according to what you are currently working on (F1 is a keyboard alternative)

Available when a session window is active

Save - Save the active session

Execute - Execute the active session

Dictionary - Open the dictionary for the active session's database

Active database drop-down list - Displays the data location of the database being used. You can use this control to view the other active data locations, but databases can only be changed on the Data tab.

Available when a matrix window is active

Save - Save the active matrix

Options - View and edit options for the active matrix

First Previous Next Last - Go to the first, previous, next, or last page of the active matrix (if the matrix has multiple pages).

Print - Print the active matrix