Define Summary Intervals

The Create Survival Matrix Intervals dialog, accessed from the Parameters tab in a Survival session, allows you to quickly create a custom set of survival intervals for use in cumulative summary tables.

This dialog presents four choices that you can use to automatically create a set of intervals with a certain pattern. Select one of these options to change the value of the Intervals field as described. If the Include 0th Interval check box in the Intervals section of the Parameters tab is marked, each of these options will also include interval 0.

Alternatively, here or on the Parameters tab, you can define your own set of intervals by typing in the Intervals field. The interval numbers must be in order from lowest to highest, and separated by commas. The number of intervals and number of months per interval, which you specified in the Intervals section of the Parameters tab, are listed below the Intervals field on this dialog for reference. If you enter an interval number higher than the total number of intervals, SEER*Stat will issue an error message when you try to execute the session.

If you decide not to define new intervals, click Cancel to return to the Parameters tab. The intervals that were previously listed will not be changed.

To accept the new set of intervals, click OK. You will return to the Parameters tab, and the Interval field will be automatically filled with your newly defined intervals.