Matrix Menu for a Case Listing Matrix

The contents of a Case Listing results matrix include a title, row and column headings, values displayed in cells, and footnotes. When a matrix window is active, the SEER*Stat menu bar will include a Matrix menu, which provides access to the commands described below. In addition, you can use the Edit menu to search the matrix or copy its contents to the Windows clipboard. Many of these commands are also available on the right mouse button menu. Highlight a column or row and click the right mouse button to access commands such as Alignment, Display As, Lock, and Find.

Retrieve Session

Extract the session that created the matrix.


The matrix options allow you to display or hide variables in the matrix.


Change the font used in the matrix.

Display Row Numbers

When a check mark appears by this item, each row will be numbered according to its order in the listing. This is simply a count of where the case appears in this list, and has no meaning with regard to the underlying data. Click on this menu item to place or remove the check mark.


Position the text to the left, center, or right of the cells. The alignment must be the same for an entire column; therefore, you must have one or more columns selected in order to use the Alignment menu.

Display As

You have three options for displaying the data values shown in the matrix. Use Formatted to show the grouping label assigned to the value. Use Unformatted to show the underlying numeric code used by SEER*Stat for the value. Some variables, such as histology and year of birth, also allow you to show Converted values. This converts the binary code used by SEER*Stat to a value that is more meaningful for the variable, such as the histology codes (8000-9989) or a calendar year.


Adjust the width of a column to fit its contents. Highlight multiple columns to auto-size them all simultaneously. You can also auto-size by double-clicking the bar that separates the column headers.


Prevent the selected column and all columns to the left of it from scrolling out of view. This command is only available if one or more columns are selected.


Suppress the display of the selected column or columns. This is only enabled if one or more columns are selected. At least one column must always be showing.

Show All

Display all columns, including hidden columns. This command is available only if one or more columns are hidden.


Export the results to a text file for use in other applications.


The Matrix Properties dialog provides information about the matrix and the session that created it.