Options for a Case Listing Matrix

The Matrix Options dialog for a Case Listing results matrix allows you to display or hide variables in the matrix. To access this dialog, first click on the matrix window to make sure it is active, then open the Matrix menu and select Options.


This text box contains the title you entered for the matrix on the session's Output tab. The first line of the title is displayed in the matrix window. Edit the text in this box to change the title. Mark or clear the Display Titles check box to display or suppress the titles.

Hidden and Displayed Variables

The Displayed and Hidden Variables boxes allow you to hide or rearrange columns in your output matrix.

All variables are displayed by default. To hide one or more columns, highlight the variables you wish to hide in the Displayed box, and click single left arrow button to move them to the Hidden Variables box. To show a variable again, highlight it in the Hidden Variables box and click single right arrow button to move it to the Displayed box. Use the double left arrow or double right arrow buttons to quickly move all variables from one box to the other. Your changes will take effect once you click OK.

You can also hide and show columns using the right mouse button menu.

The order of the variables in the Displayed box determines their order in the matrix. To rearrange them, highlight the variable you want to move and click Up or Dn (down) until it has reached the desired position.

Display Footnotes

Footnotes are displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the matrix window. In a case listing matrix, footnotes are used to provide information regarding the entire listing and not a specific cell. For example, if the person selection feature is used, then the number of people represented in the table will be displayed as a footnote.

Shade Records by Person

If this option is checked, the listing will be shown with some rows highlighted and some not highlighted. The highlighting alternates from one person to the next in the listing. This is only available if the person selection feature is used. If sort variables are used, the variables that are unique per person must have been first among the sort variables on the session's Table tab. In a SEER Limited-Use database, SEER registry and Patient ID are used as person identifying variables.