Options for a Left-Truncated Life Tables Results Matrix

To open the Matrix options dialog select the icon at the top left of the results matrix (a hand holding a matrix). This dialog will allow you to choose the statistics, variables, and features displayed in the results matrix. To access the Matrix Options dialog for a Left-Truncated Life Table results matrix, first click on the matrix window to make sure it is active, then open the Matrix menu and select Options.


This text box contains the title you entered for the matrix on the session's Output tab. The first line of the title is displayed in the matrix window. Edit the text in this box to change the title.

Display Titles

Check this box to include the title in the matrix. If there is no title, this option is disabled.

Summary Statistics

The Summary Statistics check boxes allow you to determine which statistics you will display.

Detailed Life Statistics

The Detailed Life Statistics check boxes allow you to determine which statistics you will display.

Display Flags

Flags are symbols displayed in a matrix cell to indicate that a footnote applies to that cell. Flags displayed in a matrix window will be included in data copied to another application using the Windows clipboard, and in exported data files for that matrix. You should uncheck the Display Flags option if you are copying or exporting the data to an application that is not expecting character data. When this option is unchecked, Display Footnotes is automatically unchecked and disabled.

Display Footnotes

Footnotes are displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the matrix window. Footnotes are specific to the page being displayed. A flag, or footnote character, is displayed in the cells to which the corresponding footnotes pertain. Footnotes are used for various reasons, including to describe specific calculations, indicate data sources, provide an explanation for empty cells, and show the results of significance testing. If a test is performed, the footnote is displayed in the status bar regardless of whether or not any cells on the page contain the footnote's flag character.

The median survival time is noted in a footnote in a Survival results matrix.