Statistics in a Rate Matrix

A Rate session can be used to calculate crude rates, age-adjusted rates, or trends based on either type of rate. The results matrix will always include either a crude or age-adjusted rate:

If the matrix does not include trend statistics, then it may contain the following statistics. Counts and populations are always included; the standard errors and confidence intervals must be selected on the Statistic tab.

If the results matrix shows trends in rates, then it may include the following statistics. The P-values are only shown if checked on the Statistic tab.

If you chose to include rate ratios on last row variable groupings, then the results matrix will include the following columns. These cells will always be blank for the first grouping of the innermost row variable (since it is the reference grouping). Subsequent rows contain data comparing that row's grouping to the first grouping.

Delay Adjusted Rate Statistics

Most of the statistics available in a normal Rate session have a corresponding Delay Adjusted version. The following additional statistics are available when Delay Adjusting: