The Logical "Not" Operator in Selection Statements

To add a Boolean "Not" to a line in a selection statement, follow these steps.

  1. If you need to add the "Not" to a line other than the one you are currently working with, click to place the text cursor within the desired line.

  2. Click the Not button. The word "Not" will appear after the conjunction at the beginning of the line.

  3. Continue to build or edit the selection line as necessary.

Typically, a "Not" is used before parentheses, to select the inverse of the set of records described by the selection lines in the parentheses. If you need a negative for a single selection line, you can use a "Not", but you can also use the "is not = to" operator, which will be easier to work with if you need to add parentheses later.

When creating a merged variable grouping, the "Not" button and the "is not = to” operator are disabled.