The Specialized Oncotype DX Database is not currently available for request. SEER is developing a user authentication and authorization process. Before this process is completed, new requests will not be accepted.

This database includes Oncotype DX® related variables for invasive breast cancer (IBC) cases diagnosed between 2004 and 2015. While it still only contains cases diagnosed through 2015, the November 2018 submission version of this database has follow-up through the end of 2016. These variables are obtained through linkage of all IBC diagnosed in SEER registries (excluding Alaska Native Tumor Registry) to Oncotype DX test orders and results provided by Genomic Health Clinical Laboratory. The Oncotype DX variables are appended to the SEER Research Data file which contains all IBC cases diagnosed between 2004 and 2015 and thus, includes cases for which Oncotype DX was not clinically indicated.

The database is available in the rate, frequency, survival, left-truncated survival, and case listing sessions in SEER*Stat for the November 2018 data submission.

How to Access the Oncotype DX Database

In order to access a specialized database, you must already have access to SEER Research Plus data with a valid institutional account. This database is only available to researchers inside the U.S.

  • If you do not have access to SEER Research Plus data, first follow the steps for institutional account holders to Access the SEER data.
  • If you already have access, send an email to to request access to the Oncotype DX Database.
    • Include your SEER*Stat username.
    • Add a brief description of your project and research goals in the email, including the types of analyses or statistics you will use.

Variables Included in this Database

All variables are linked variables provided by Genomic Health except 'Oncotype DX months since diagnosis', which is a calculated variable.

Variable Name in SEER*Stat Values Definition
Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score 0 to 100 Recurrence Score provided by Genomic Health
Oncotype DX RS group (RS < 18, RS 18-30, RS > 30)
  1. low
  2. intermediate
  3. high
Based on the Recurrence Score categorized in 3 risk groups: low-RS<18; intermediate- RS 18-30; high - RS>30
Oncotype DX reason no score linked
  1. Cancelled Test - Cancelled by physician or patients before result was returned;
  2. Failed Test - Inadequate tissue sample;
  3. Outside Analysis Criteria; 
  4. Non-Unique - Patient had multiple tumors;

Mutually exclusive with 'Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score' and 'Oncotype DX RS group (RS < 18, RS 18-30, RS > 30)' and created to capture test orders for which result was not provided through linkage.

  1. Test was ordered, but was canceled by patient or provider prior to releasing the test results
  2. Test failed due to insufficient tissue and no further specimen was submitted for this case
  3. HR- and/or HER2+ by RT-PCR This refers to cases in which testing of estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor was negative and/or HER2 was positive by Genomic Health RT-PCR
  4. The case was associated with multiple tests on the same tumor or different tumors.
Oncotype DX year of test report 2004+ The year in which the test was reported
Oncotype DX month of test report January-December The month in which the test was reported
Oncotype DX months since diagnosis 1+ Calculated variable based on the difference between report month/year and diagnosis month/year