SEER*Stat Technical Webinar Presentations

SEER plans to host a few technical webinars each year to highlight changes in SEER*Stat software and to review confusing or underutilized features. Materials from the webinars will be posted to the this page, when available. To receive announcements about upcoming webinars, please sign up for e-mail updates.

July 14, 2011

The first webinar in the series covered two new features in the calculation of cancer survival, and a presentation of the new Profiles feature in SEER*Stat version 7.0. Slides from this webinar are available.

New Features in Survival Analysis (PDF - 923 KB)

  • Ederer II method to estimate expected survival in relative survival
  • Improved algorithm to specify the underlying cause of death: the SEER cause-specific death classification variable

New features in SEER*Stat (PDF - 49KB)

  • Profiles tool in SEER*Stat version 7.0.4 to customize preferences
  • Sharing user-defined variables