Surgery: Surgery (or resection) most often includes the removal of tissue from the body. There are several types of surgery 1. Cytoreductive surgery: removes as much gross disease as possible to improve the efficacy of adjuvant treatment, also called debulking. 2. Diagnostic surgery: identifies the histologic type of disease but leaves gross tumor in the body, also biopsy. 3. Function-preserving surgery: a treatment to remove as much tumor as possible without affecting mobility or activity level. 4. Palliative surgery: attempts to reduce pain or correct functional abnormalities to improve quality of life, but it does not modify, control, remove, or destroy cancer tissue. 5. Preventive surgery: intended to avoid the development of cancer by removing a diseased organ before it becomes malignant. 6. Reconstructive surgery: restores the function or appearance of organs or tissues that were either removed or changed by cancer-directed treatment. 7. Tissue sparing surgery: an attempt to remove all tumor from an organ whereas maintaining the organ's form and structure.