The CS version 02.05 site-specific factor requirements displayed on the CS Requirements Status Database website have been reviewed and approved by the following standard setters:

Standard Setter Date Approved
CoC 9/19/2013
CCCR 10/8/2013
NPCR 9/30/2013
SEER 9/30/2013

The associated implementation instructions may also be accessed via the web site.

Web Site Revisions

Revision Date Revision Performed
01/22/2014 The default values report for the CCCR was updated to display the correct defaults for LVI, CS Mets at DX-Bone, CS Mets at DX-Brain, CS Mets at DX-Liver, and CS Mets at DX-Lung.
  • The requirement category for Thyroid SSF-1 was changed from "Already in CSv01" to "Needed for staging" for the SEER and CoC standard setters for CS Versions 02.04 and 02.05. The spreadsheet downloads were updated accordingly.
  • The CCCR Site-Specific Factor status category "III - Collected in CSv1 and not in I or II" was changed to "III - Collected in CSv1 required".
  • The CoC decided not to endorse the use of default values. When the Default Values report is selected for the CoC, a message indicating this decision will be displayed instead of any default values.
  • The SEER and NPCR default values for in situ Skin and MyelomaPlasmaCellDisorder were adjusted.
  • The instructions for implementation for the Default Values report were updated.
  • The shading of the Required fields in the Default Values report was changed to yellow.
  • The default values for the CS Mets at DX flags were adjusted for SEER, NPCR, and the CCCR.
11/14/2013 The NPCR requirement status for all schema discriminators (SSF 25) was changed to "Required 2004 forward" for all 02 versions of CS. The downloadable spreadsheets for all four versions of the NPCR Required Factors report were updated accordingly.
11/05/2013 Updated the CoC Instructions for Implementation for the Required Factors report, version 02.05.
  • The colors for the CCCR required factors categories were adjusted for all 02 versions of CS.
  • The CSV export for the Status by Version report was enhanced to contain the SSF title.
  • Blank values are now the default for LVI, CS Mets at DX-Bone, CS Mets at DX-Brain, CS Mets at DX-Liver, and CS Mets at DX-Lung for diagnosis years 2004-2009.
10/14/2013 The report selection dropdown boxes were updated to work under Internet Explorer.


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