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Date Revision Affected Pages
8/04/2011 Revisions for 2010 SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual, Section IV, NAACCR Item # 390, Date of Diagnosis Page 49 (PDF, 515 KB)
11/23/2010 Appendix B: Definition of code 129 was changed to "Northern Mariana Islands [aka: Mariana Islands]". Appendix B (PDF, 143 KB)
11/2/2010 Appendix C: Site Specific Coding Modules released. Appendix C
10/4/2010 Multiplicity Counter: Removed code 00 and code 89. Removed/revised coding instructions and examples mentioning these codes. Renumbered coding instructions. Pages 77-79 (PDF, 70 KB)
08/20/2010 Manual Release: The 2010 manual is to be used for cases diagnosed January 1, 2010 and forward. Refer to the Summary of Changes (PDF, 575 KB) for a list of changes included in this release.  

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