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Appendix C brings together the site-specific instructions needed to abstract a case, facilitating efficiency and accuracy. The site-specific coding modules include SEER Coding Guidelines; Equivalent Terms, Definitions, Tables, Charts and Illustrations; Multiple Primary Rules; Histology Coding Rules; Collaborative Stage Coding Instructions1 and Surgery of Primary Site codes2.

General instructions in the main manual are applicable in the absence of site-specific instructions. All modules include the collaborative stage and surgery codes, and multiple primary and histology coding rules. Some modules include site-specific coding guidelines. The goal is to have stand-alone modules for major anatomic sites.

Note: The links on this page go to the CS staging schemas in version 02.04 of the Collaborative Stage Data Collection System. For SEER SSF requirements for version 02.04, see the Collaborative Stage Requirements Status Database.

1 Part II of the Collaborative Stage Data Collection manual is included in this appendix. For an introduction to Collaborative Stage, see the general rules in Part I of the Collaborative Stage Data Collection Manual and Coding Instructions.

2 The surgery codes are based on the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer's Facility Oncology Registry Data System, American College of Surgeons, Chicago, IL, 60611-321 (FORDS), Revised for 2013, Appendix B: Site-specific Surgery Codes. The surgery codes in this document are identical to the FORDS manual; only formatting and annotations may vary. The SEER Notes that appear in the Surgery Code sections contain information or instructions not found in FORDS or that are different from FORDS.

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