Collaborative Stage Requirements Status
Last Updated January 22, 2014 (view details)

The Standard Setter Requirements for CSv02.05 have been finalized and are available on this web site.

Collaborative Stage Release 02.05 includes a new database which contains information on which CS fields are required by each of the standard setting organizations. The database contains the requirements for all CSv2 releases for the four standard setting organizations:

  • Commission on Cancer
  • CCCR

This web site provides access to the Required Status information. Downloads of the information are provided in CSV format. Reports can be produced from the database which show:

  • Which Site Specific Factors (SSFs) are required by each standard setter for each version of CSv2
  • How SSF requirements have changed between CS versions
  • How SSF requirements differ between standard setters
  • What default values can be applied to each required field and non-required field by each standard setting organization

Comments on the usage of this site and suggestions for additional reports are welcome. Contact the CS IT team at

Because the following application may not be accessible for people using screen readers, the information is also provided in CSV format.