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Databases Listed for Rate and LD Prevalence Sessions


Select the Population Variable to be used for linking population and standard population data. The selected variable will determine the variables are displayed on the Statistic tab.

A large number of incidence and mortality databases are provided with the software. There are multiple databases that use the same case or mortality data but differ in terms of the population data. That is, different variables are used to link the case (or death) data to the population and standard population data. 

For example, in a Rate session, you may see a set of databases with names similar to those shown below.

  • Incidence - SEER Research Plus Data, 9 Registries, Nov 2020 Sub (1975-2018)
  • Incidence - SEER Research Plus Limited-Field Data, 9 Registries Use, Nov 2002 Sub (1973-2000) 
  • Incidence-Based - SEER Mortality - Research Plus Data with Delay Adjustment, 21 Registries, Malignant Only, Nov 2020 Sub (1975-2018)

These databases contain the same incidence data, but are linked to the population and standard population data with different age variables. In one case, an age variable with 19 age groups (< 1, 1-4, 5-9, ..., 85+) is used. In the other case, an age variable with 18 age groups (0-4, 5-9, ..., 85+) is used. Only one of these databases will be listed in sessions that do not use population or standard population data, such as Frequency sessions.

Note: Since the lines in the Population Variables can be very lengthy you may need to move the column width and/or extend the width of the Select Databases screen to see the entire line by using your mouse and clicking on the column or screen line and moving it to change the size. Double-sided arrow