The instructional manuals provided below for download are very large files. They are available in both PDF and ZIP formats.

  • Book 1 - Objectives and Functions of a Tumor Registry (1999)
    [PDF (PDF, 9.1 MB)] [ZIP (ZIP, 8.4 MB)]
    Describes the functions, objectives, activities required to run a tumor registry, and the various portions of a registry (e.g. describes the various record systems required to run a registry accession file, case file, follow-up cards).
  • Book 2 - Cancer Characteristics and Selection of Cases (1991)
    [PDF (PDF, 2.2 MB)] [ZIP (ZIP, 1.9 MB)]
    Provides instruction in the terminology associated with cancer. Includes a brief description of the natural history of the major cancer types. Introduces the use of ICD-O.
  • Book 3 - Tumor Registrar Vocabulary: The Composition of Medical Terms (1992)
    [PDF (PDF, 3.5 MB)] [ZIP (ZIP, 3.0 MB)]
    Medical terminology.
  • Book 4 - Human Anatomy as Related to Tumor Formation (1995)
    [PDF (PDF, 12.3 MB)] [ZIP (ZIP, 11.2 MB)]
    Introduction to human anatomy and neoplasm(s) associated with each body system.
  • Book 5 - Abstracting Medical Record: Patient Identification, History, and Examinations (1993)
    [PDF (PDF, 6.3 MB)] [ZIP (ZIP, 5.6 MB)]
    Describes the medical record, how to locate and record the information related to a cancer registry (abstract case information).
  • Book 6 - Out of print, substitute: Summary Staging Guide (1977)
    [PDF (PDF, 2.8 MB)] [Zip (ZIP, 2.5 MB)]
  • Book 7 - Statistics and Epidemiology for Cancer Registries (1994)
    [PDF (PDF, 11.1 MB)] [Zip (ZIP, 10.0 MB)]
    Introduces the tumor registrar to the statistics required to run a registry: includes discussion of incidence, mortality, and survival.
  • Book 8 - Antineoplastic Drugs (Third Edition, 1993)
    See SEER*Rx - Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database, which was developed to replace Book 8 as an annually updated list of oncology drug and regimen treatment categories.

    For historical purposes, Book 8 is provided:
    [PDF (PDF, 6.0 MB)] [Zip (ZIP, 5.6 MB)]
    List of oncology agents (PDF, 117 KB) not listed in SEER Book 8.

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