Important Update: SEER*Rx has a new look! SEER*Rx now has a new and improved search engine that does faster and more intelligent full text searching of all fields, with a sortable results table and a new relevance column so you can tell how relevant each search result is to your entered search string. Additionally, each drug and regimen is now displayed in its own page so that you can bookmark specific entries.

SEER*Rx was developed as a one-step lookup for coding oncology drug and regimen treatment categories in cancer registries. The information in this database is effective for cancer diagnoses made on January 1, 2005 and after. Review and recoding of drugs from previous years is not required or recommended.

How to Access SEER*Rx

SEER*Rx is available in two formats: a web-based tool and as stand-alone software.

Web-based Version

The SEER*Rx - Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database is provided in a web-based format that has several benefits over the software:

  • Updates are automatic: users do not have to install anything to access the latest revisions.
  • Allows access from any computer or device with an Internet connection.
  • Eliminates problems for users who do not have permission to install software on their work computers.

Stand-alone Version of the Database

Released October 21, 2014 - New Capabilities in the Stand-alone Version:
We now have the ability to update the web-based SEER*RX tool in real-time and have added a similar feature to the software. How it works: each time the user’s computer has an internet connection, it will automatically check to see if there is new SEER*RX data, and, if there is new data, it will download it. For those who use the software, you will now get newly published data without having to download a new version of SEER*RX as was done in the past. 

The web-based version of the SEER*Rx is the preferred method to access the current data. If you need the software version because of limited Internet access, it is still available for now, but may be phased out in the future. Note that the coding information in the software version of the database can get out-of-date; be sure to check back to this site to install any updates.

Download SEER*Rx Version 3.2.0 (Updated May 26, 2016)

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