For Cases Diagnosed 1/1/2018 and Forward

Below are the available resources for the staging-related data required to be collected by SEER registries.

Extent of Disease

Beginning with cancer cases diagnosed January 1, 2018 and forward, SEER registries in the United States are required to collect Extent of Disease (EOD) information (EOD Primary Tumor, EOD Regional Nodes, EOD Mets). These three EOD data items derive EOD TNM T, EOD TNM N and EOD TNM M, along with an EOD TNM Stage Group based on AJCC.

Summary Stage 2018

Summary Stage is the most basic way of categorizing how far a cancer has spread from its point of origin. It uses all information available in the medical record; in other words, it is a combination of the most precise clinical and pathological documentation of the extent of disease.

Site-Specific Data Items (SSDI) and Grade

Beginning in 2018, SSDIs are used to collect site-specific information and have replaced the Collaborative Stage SSFs. NAACCR is the custodian of the SSDIs and the SSDI Workgroup is responsible for their development and updates.

Grade information is now collected in four data fields: Grade Clinical, Grade Post Therapy Clinical, Grade Pathological, and Grade Post Therapy Path.