NCI staff responsible for managing the SEER Program act as liaisons to, and coordinate activities and collaborate with, a number of other organizations that are also involved in cancer surveillance and related disciplines. The organizations include:

Activities include setting standards for data collection by cancer registries, providing for the interchange of ideas and tools for cancer surveillance, training and providing educational materials for the credentialing of cancer registrars, leading workshops to provide advanced training in data collection and coding, collaborating in the analysis and reporting of cancer rates, and supporting efforts to expand existing cancer surveillance and to establish new cancer reporting systems. The NCI-SEER staff also provides technical assistance to registries in the CDC’s National Program of Cancer Registries and to other registries around the world upon request, subject to available resources. This may include conducting workshops on data collection procedures and registry operations or training classes in the use of personal computer software used to format registry databases and to perform statistical analysis of the registry data. The SEER*Stat software is used by many of these registries including use by the CDC for analysis of data from the National Program of Cancer Registries.