The SEER Abstracting Tool (SEER*Abs) allows cancer tumor registrars to collect and store data abstracted from patients' medical records. SEER*Abs features include:

  • Ability to create abstract or casefinding records and to define new user-defined record types.
  • Management of abstracting assignments via the SEER*Abs worklist.
  • Direct or indirect synchronization of data with the registry's main data management system.
  • Access to reference data loaded from the central registry's main database.
  • Full integration of edits to validate data. SEER Edits are packaged with the system; custom edits can be defined.
  • All components can be customized by registry staff.

Software Download

Version 2.22.3 is the current distribution version of SEER*Abs. To review the changes included in this release, refer to the Software Version History and the Default Configuration Version History.

Download SEER*Abs

Before installing this software, please refer to the Installation & System Requirements.

Technical Support

Please submit all technical support questions and issues through the SEER*Abs Squish ProjectExternal Web Site Policy. If you do not already have a Squish account, you will need to request one in order to submit an issue. Use the "Sign up here" link on the login page to request a new account. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available.

Reference Manuals

These reference manuals are included in the SEER*Abs main folder and can be opened via the help menu in SEER*Abs:

  • Installation Manual [PDF (PDF, 555 KB)] [Word (DOC, 365 KB)]- Instructions to install or update the software.
  • System Administration Reference [PDF (PDF, 398 KB)] [Word (DOC, 1.2 MB)]- Instructions to configure and maintain the application.
  • Users Manual [PDF (PDF, 2.8 MB)] [Word (DOC, 3.1 MB)] - Instructions for Abstractors using the software.