SEER Incidence Database

Incidence and population data associated by age, sex, race, year of diagnosis, and geographic areas.

Documentation for SEER Data

Variable definitions and other documentation related to reporting and using SEER and related datasets.

U.S. Datasets

U.S. Mortality

The data include all causes of death, not just cancer deaths.

U.S. Populations

The county population estimates currently used in the SEER*Stat software.

Standard Populations

The age distributions used as weights to create age-adjusted statistics.

SEER Linked Databases

Each of these databases reflects the linkage of SEER data with one or more other large data sources.

Specialized Databases

Apply for access to variables not included in the standard SEER research data. Examples include treatment and more detailed asian and pacific islander groups.

Observational Research in Oncology Toolbox

This interactive database is intended to guide systematic, standardized, and reproducible extramural research for observational studies that require the use of specialized nomenclatures during study design.

Software & Methods