Beginning with cancer cases diagnosed January 1, 2018 and forward, SEER registries in the United States will collect Extent of Disease (EOD) information. The three main data items are EOD Primary Tumor, EOD Regional Nodes and EOD Mets. Using these three data items, an EOD TNM T, EOD TNM N and EOD TNM M will be derived, along with an EOD TNM Stage Group based on the AJCC 8th edition. SEER developed a staging database referred to as the SEER*RSA that provides information about each cancer (primary site/histology/other factors defined).

The EOD General Instructions provide guidance on how to code EOD.

Refer to SEER*RSA for schema-specific codes and coding instructions.

EOD 2018 Consolidation Manual

Published September 1, 2020

The EOD 2018 Consolidation Manual was developed to assist central registries with consolidation of EOD data items: EOD Extension, EOD Lymph Nodes, and EOD Mets. Each schema was reviewed by the EOD Consolidation workgroup, which was formed specifically for this purpose. Every EOD schema is covered.

At this time, EOD consolidation is not automated. The first year will be a field test to determine how accurate it is.

This manual can be used for cases diagnosed 2018 and forward. The first version of this manual is version 2.0 to align with the current EOD version.

If you have any questions regarding the EOD Consolidation Manual, please submit the question to Ask a SEER Registrar and choose “EOD.”

EOD Consolidation Manual (PDF, 5.2 MB)

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