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Beginning with cancer cases diagnosed January 1, 2016, cancer registries in the United States transitioned from collecting cancer stage information using Collaborative Stage (CS) to collecting stage using the TNM classification (see the CS Transition Newsletter). TNM categories, stage groups, and definitions used by SEER are based on the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) TNM 7th edition classification.  SEER developed a staging database referred to as the SEER*RSA that provides information about each cancer (primary site/histology/other factors defined).

This page provides resources including Section V of the 2016 SEER Program Manual, comparison and mapping between staging systems, and more information about UICC.

Available Resources

2016 SEER Manual Section V: Stage of Disease at Diagnosis (PDF - 933 KB)

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) released an email to clarify the use of ambiguous terminology. SEER agrees with this notice and asks that the SEER registries follow these instructionsExternal Web Site Policy.

SEER*RSA TNM Schema Mapping to UICC 7th edition, AJCC 7th, edition and Summary Stage 2000
These spreadsheets map the 153 Schemas in SEER*RSA to the other staging systems. Details on site and histologies included for each schema and staging type are detailed in the SEER*RSA TNM schema page for each schema.

Comparison of UICC 7th Edition and AJCC 7th Edition (PDF - 287 KB) (XLSX - 25 KB)

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) websiteExternal Web Site Policy provides information about the organization and their global efforts to accelerate the fight against cancer. The UICC is an informative resource for learning about TNM including:

  • Information about TNMExternal Web Site Policy (what it is, why and how it should be used, and more).
  • TNM E-Learning ModulesExternal Web Site Policy.
  • Additional resources, including links to publicationsExternal Web Site Policy, such as TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours, 7th Edition, as well as the history of TNM.
  • The TNM HelpdeskExternal Web Site Policy to ask questions and access the FAQ page.