Registrar Tools

Glossary for Registrars

The glossary features definitions for terms used by cancer registrars. Each entry includes information on where the term is used, as well as any applicable alternate names, abstractor notes, histology, and primary sites.

ICD Conversion Programs

These documents are based on 2023 Casefinding lists (posted in November 2022).

SEER*Rx - Interactive Drug Database

SEER*Rx was developed as a one-step lookup for coding oncology drug and regimen treatment categories in cancer registries. The information in this database is effective for cancer diagnoses made on January 1, 2005 and after.

Data Documentation & Variable Recodes

Variable definitions and other documentation related to reporting and using SEER data.

Registry Software

SEER Abstracting Tool (SEER*Abs)

Allows cancer tumor registrars to collect and store data abstracted from patients' medical records.

SEER Application Programming Interface (API)

Web service that provides access to various SEER Program data sets and algorithms. This service is available to developers who wish to incorporate SEER resources into their own systems.


View and manage data that are stored in text files. It is primarily designed for managing large cancer data files formatted according to the NAACCR Data Standards (Volume II), but it can be configured to be used with any data stored in a fixed column or CSV file format.


Designed to find records that refer to the same entity across different data sources using a probabilistic record linkage framework based on the Fellegi and Sunter model.

SEER Data Management System (SEER*DMS)

Provides support for all core cancer registry functions -- importing data, editing, linkage, consolidation, and reporting.