What Is Cancer PathCHART?

Cancer Pathology Coding Histology And Registration Terminology (Cancer PathCHART) is a first-of-its-kind initiative in North America and around the world to update cancer surveillance standards for tumor site, histology, and behavior code combinations and associated terminology. 

Why Is It Needed?

  • The foundational data items of site, histology, and behavior are the basis for all subsequent data abstraction for a tumor (e.g., stage, treatment, outcomes). 
  • Accurate data are essential for the evaluation, management, research, and surveillance of cancer patients.

What Will Its Impact Be?

The goal for this vital resource, that is freely available online, is to help cancer registrars, clinicians, pathologists, researchers, and developers use the same terms and coding standards, making cancer surveillance more accurately reflect medical practice without altering cancer registration workflows, all to better support the critical data necessary for public health monitoring and cancer research.