U.S. Mortality

U.S. Mortality data, collected and maintained by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), can be analyzed with the SEER*Stat software.

U.S. Populations

The county population estimates currently used in the SEER*Stat software to calculate cancer incidence and mortality rates, as well as U.S. populations at the census tract levels are available for download.

Standard Populations

Standard populations, often referred to as standard millions, are the age distributions used as weights to create age-adjusted statistics.

County/Tract Attributes

The most common uses of these data would be to create a list of the county attribute data using the case listing session, and to calculate incidence and mortality rates by county attributes using rate sessions.

Expected Survival

Expected survival life tables are used when calculating relative survival statistics and crude probability of death using expected survival.

SEER Linked Databases

Each of these databases reflects the linkage of SEER data with one or more other large data sources.