Registrar Staging Assistant (SEER*RSA)

Intended for use by cancer registrars to help code Extent of Disease (EOD) 2018.

Summary Stage 2018

Summary staging is the most basic way of categorizing how far a cancer has spread from its point of origin.

Staging Resources

Resources including Section V of the 2016 SEER Program Manual, comparison and mapping between staging systems, and more information about UICC.

Extent of Disease 2018

Resources including the EOD General Instructions and the EOD Consolidation Manual.

Pediatric Data Collection System and Staging Manual

Staging and site-specific data item (SSDI) Information for Pediatric and Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) populations.

Collaborative Stage

Collaborative Stage (CS) was collected in the U.S. and Canada from 2004-2015, though some registries continued to collect CS through 2017.