1. Extract distributed zip file into a new folder (for example 'C:\seerabs\'). Sub-folders within the zip file must be retained. To achieve this you may need to set an option in your decompression software (In WinZip, the "use folder names" check box must be checked). The zip file contains one folder called 'install-x.x' where 'x.x' is the application version number.
  2. After unzipping the file, the target folder should look like 'C"\seerabs\install-x.x\'. The 'install-x.x' folder contains an executable named 'seerabs-ip.exe'; double-click that file.
  3. Follow the installation instructions on the screen or refer to the Installation Manual (PDF, 555 KB).

System Requirements


  • 1024 x 768 or greater monitor resolution.
  • 1GB application RAM - The default can be modified in the seerabs.l4j.ini file so the application can run with less memory, but the performance might not be as good.
  • About 150 MB of space on the hard-drive. This is the space required to install and use the application without any reference data. Note that most of the space required is for the manuals included with the release (SEER, FORDS, NAACCR, etc.). The minimum requirement for disk space on users' laptops must be evaluated by registry IT staff and is determined by the amount of reference data the laptop will have to support.


  • Windows 7 or later, 64bit. SEER*Abs is platform independent. However, the current version has only been tested on Windows.
  • As of version 2.14, the application is distributed with its own embedded Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and does NOT require Java to be installed on the target computer.