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SEER developed specialized databases to make available variables that are not included in the standard SEER data. These databases are accessed through the SEER*Stat software after a request is approved.

Request Process

Prerequisite: You must already have access to the latest SEER Research Plus Data before you can submit a request for a specialized database. Refer to How to Request Data Access for more information

Step 1: Select a Database

  1. Review the list of Available Specialized Databases.
  2. Select the specialized database of interest and view the documentation and any applicable required information.

Step 2: Submit a Database Request

  1. From the database documentation page, select "Submit a Request".
    • You must be a registered user on this website to submit a specialized database request. See the Login Page for more information.
  2. Complete and submit the request form.
  3. Your request will be reviewed by NCI SEER staff, and you will be notified regarding request status.

You must complete a separate request for each database of interest, as each has different limitations on use and approvals.

Citations for Database Use (Required)

A citation for the use of each SEER specialized database for publication purposes is required and should include the database name, release date, and data submission. When you select a specialized database from the Data Tab during a SEER*Stat session, the suggested citation will appear at the bottom of the Data Tab window.