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SEER registries in Georgia (GA) and California (CA) linked all incident tumor cases diagnosed from 2013 to 2019 to genetic test results performed from 2012 to 2021. Results were provided by the three genetic testing laboratories (Ambry Genetics, Invitae, and Myriad Genetics) that conduct most of the genetic testing in the two states. This pilot project was conducted under Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved protocol at each registry. Of 1,584,923 cancer patients in the registry cohort, 9.1% linked to genetic test results.

The available data consists of two files:

  1. GA-CA SEER Research Plus (2000-2021 diagnosis years)
    • Includes the same fields as the SEER Research Plus databases.
    • These data do not contain any geographic information (no county, registry, or state).
  2. Genetic test results data file which has the following fields:
    • Gene name (approximately 100 genes)
    • Gene status (reported categorically):
      • Normal
      • Pathogenic variant
      • Variant of unknown significance
    • Accession date (month and year)
    • Report date (month and year)

The genes are reported if they were tested by at least two of the laboratories. Genes tested by a single laboratory were collapsed in a "other" gene category. Download the data dictionary for the genetic data [XLSX].

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