The pancreatic tissue microarray (TMA) was produced through collaboration of three SEER registries, the NCI Tissue Array Research Program (TARP) laboratory, and the NCI SEER Program. This TMA was developed for researchers testing biomarkers of potential prognostic value. The pancreatic tissue microarrays contain tumor tissue from 161 cancer cases, including 154 adenocarcinomas and 7 neuroendocrine tumors.

TMA cases were diagnosed between 1983 and 2000. Nearly half of the cases were white (48%), followed in frequency by Asians and Pacific Islanders (40%), and blacks (12%). A higher proportion of TMA than reference cases were younger than 75 years of age. About half of the cases in the TMA and reference population were male. Attributes of cancer cases in the TMA and the participating registries are available upon request.

As of October 2009, four investigators have been approved to receive pancreatic TMA slides. Additional proposals are welcomed. Please apply for pancreatic TMA’s by following instructions provided on Applying for Specimens.