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Using Your Own Data


You can use your own incidence, mortality, population, expected survival, and standard population data in SEER*Stat. To do this, you must first convert your data to the SEER*Stat format with a software package called SEER*Prep.

SEER*Prep is available on the SEER Web site at:

It is not possible to use your own data in an MP-SIR session.

What Files are Transferred in Client-Server Mode?

Incidence and mortality databases stored on your local computer systems are only accessed by your PC, and never transferred across the Internet. However, in some situations, standard population or expected survival files that you created with SEER*Prep may be transferred to the SEER servers. These files are transferred if they are used in a SEER*Stat session that accesses an incidence or mortality database on the SEER server. When your standard population or expected survival files are transferred to the SEER servers, the files are stored temporarily and deleted as soon as your analysis is finished.