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How to Use this Help System


You can open this help system at any time by pressing the F1 key or by selecting the Help Icon from the Help tab. 

Context-sensitive help, which opens the help system to the specific topic that relates to your current position within SEER*Stat, is also available. You can get context-sensitive help by:

  • Pressing F1;or
  • Pressing the "?" button on the top right corner of any dialog.

The help system consists of several sections. 

  • Content Tree: A complete tree of all of the help pages is displayed on the left side of the page. Clicking on an item with a page icon will display that page. An item with a folder icon indicates that there are sub-items under this topic. 
  • Search: A the very top of the web page is a search box and button. Type your terms into this box, and any pages with matching terms will be displayed. You can then click on a page to jump to it. If there are many items, you can click the Search button to get a complete list. 
  • Page Content: On the right side of the web page is a content page area. The pages you select in the Content Tree will be displayed here. They can consist of text, images, and hyper-links to other pages. 
  • Back Button: You can use the back button on your web browser to return to a previous page you have viewed.