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Technical Support


Technical Support


Bug Reporting

When submitting a bug report, please provide the following if available:

  • A text description of the problem encountered.
  • The version number of the SEER*Stat application you are using. This can be found in the About box, under Help. 
  • The Session File (.sf, .si, .ss, .sp, .sm, .st, .sl) from the session you were in (if there is one). 
  • The Matrix File (.sfm, .sim, .ssm, .spm, .smm, .stm, .slm) of the results you generated from the session (if there is one). 
  • If you are able, take screenshots of the screens that look odd or you have questions about. Screenshots should be in JPG (Jpeg) format. 
  • The more information you provide, the quicker we can reproduce and then fix the problem. 
  • Send all of this to
  • Thanks for taking the time to help us make this a better product!